Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Where I overcame my fear of getting crapped on for a shoot...

Some viewers have remarked that they loved the locations for the outdoor shoots and wanted to know why all the episodes were not shot like that. What can I say? Take episode 12 of #MahabharataWithAnuja for instance... I was seated under this big, leafy tree and the cameras were rolling when two birds alighted on one of the branches right above my head. No amount of shooing or loud pleading (shouting actually!) could get them to budge!
So we went ahead with the shoot, and a part of my brain couldn't help but attempt to send subliminal messages to the feathered trespassers (okay, perhaps I was the one trespassing) beseeching them not to poop on my head, even as I was narrating the story. I mean can you imagine the horror? There was this time, I fell out of the boat during a white water rafting expedition. My loving family and friends are still laughing themselves silly over my graceless tumble (which was captured on video) and if an even more embarrassing video of me with bird crap on my hair were to surface? Shudder!
Anyways, it is the reason, I actually prefer shooting indoors in a controlled environment with the air-conditioning humming softly in the background. Do check out #Episode12 of #MahabharataWithAnuja There is plenty to like for those on team Arjuna as the great man outdoes himself even by his own impossible standards of excellence. Bhima and Hanuman have themselves a pissing contest and the whole thing is just too cool. Kindly watch and share people. This is the link.
P.S: For those who are wondering, my buddies of the avian variety were kind enough not to make a nasty mess on my head. Bless them and may their tribe increase!

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