Friday, July 12, 2013

A rave review for Arjuna!

Some reviewers make you want to kill yourself, others make you want to take up the near impossible and criminal quest (I think) of tracking them across the nebulous world of the internet sitting them down and forcing them to comprehend that they did not get you or the book at all and make them take back every nasty thing they wrote, ideally not at gunpoint although it is an option. And then there are those who not only get what you set out to do but love you for it and write a glowing review of your work that fills your heart with heady joy that lets you face the world with the goofiest grin plastered across your mug that highlights your pimples making them look less like unsightly blemishes. The high is sufficient to carry you across the next few months barring the not improbable possibility of a wickedly critical review that dismisses your book as utter rubbish and brings you back to earth with a crash that can jar your eyeballs loose and push you into that dark place where you feel the need to scream into your pillow.
Thank you for your patience! FYI insecure authors (I love referring to myself that way!) are given to the occasional bouts of raving and ranting. Now on to the review that made me see double rainbows, butterflies, and chocolate milkshakes wherever I went today!


laidback said...

Life is a roller coaster and you have to take the high with the lows. Take it all in your stride. Learn from the critical reviews but do not let it pull you down.

Anuja Chandramouli said...

Will do!