Saturday, July 05, 2014


Finally! It is that time of the year when 'my book' (you never get tired of saying it!!) is gearing up for release! Kamadeva: The God of Desire will be hitting the stands soon, and it will be available for pre - order later this month. I am so giddy with excitement that I am confusing myself with a ball bouncing off the walls in a pinball machine.
It has been a fun ride and I simply cannot wait for all of you to read it. Initially, I knew little about the God of Desire beyond the fact that he was incinerated by Shiva and later reborn as Krishna's son, Pradyumna. This book was a great opportunity to get to know him better. Kama is an awesome fella and he is funny, sweet, sexy and kind. There is so much more to him than the obvious. Hope you guys also come to love him as much as I do.
The cover has come out great! Big thanks to my publishers, Rupa Publications.


Sujana said...

All the best....

Anuja Chandramouli said...

Thank you so much Sujana!