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My first book, Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince was released in January, 2013. Currently, I am working hard with the editorial team at Rupa Publications and we are gearing up for the release of my second book which is about Kama, the God of Desire (Forgive me for the shameless plug :) ). It has been almost a year and a half since Arjuna hit the stands and I still get the occasional email from readers with glowing feedback or constructive criticism and suggestions for my next book. Being an introvert, who is yet to outgrow the stranger anxiety first evinced as a toddler, I am not all that great at getting along with people and my best friend remains unchanged - a good book. And yet, as a writer there is nothing I love more than a response from rank strangers who took the time out from their busy lives to drop a line to share their thoughts on my offering. Heck, even those who put up posts or reviews on their blogs or flipkart to opine that I sucked leave me strangely moved!

This post, as you may have surmised from the title is to thank every single one of my readers, whether they loved or hated Arjuna, mailed me their feelings about it or not, posted reviews raving about it or ripping it to itty bitty shreds. You guys are responsible for the warm, tingly feeling I get every time, you have reached out to me. A MILLION THANKS!

Unforunately, I cannot put up all the wonderful emails I have received here, so thought I'll share the last two emails I got:

Hi Ma'm,

I just finished your book Arjuna just now... and I thought it to be an absolutely necessity on my part to congratulate you on the so very vividly detailed book that you have conjured.

I work in a software giant and despite all the work pressure, this book was finished in two days flat. 

To follow up on the basic purpose of this email (apart from being just a congratulatory one), do you plan to write a similar book on Karna as well? 

I mean in page 236, you described him as a lynchpin, I would absolutely love to read something from your side which raises Karna to proportions as epic as Arjuna.

Soham Chaudhuri


I have just finished reading your book "Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince". Well, i just could not resist the opportunity to say Thanks to you!! I found the book very entertaining till the end and your way of story telling was wonderful, especially the way you have highlighted the obscure parts of the life of Arjuna. your research in this field is truly commendable.

I have always been a fan of the Mahabharata and whenever time permits, I try to read stories related to this great epic. One thing that amazes me is that, if the events of this great epic were true, then our society in those days was so technically advanced (keeping aside all the divine interventions and just focusing on the science and technology part)!! Also, it is very amazing on the other hand that all these technological advances and wisdom of knowledge has been lost in the following 3000 years (if I am right about the time period of the great epic)!!

It is my request to you that may you please shed highlight on two characters, if possible, in your upcoming books. One is that of Karna, the tragic hero and other of Lord Hanuman (though not related to Mahabharata but I have always found his character very interesting).

I would be looking forward for your upcoming novels.

Thanking you,


Once again, thanks so much dear readers, YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!

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