Sunday, December 10, 2017


I have been neglecting this space for too long and to a woeful extent. But it is hard to be a regular blogger in addition to being a mommy of two, author who made the somewhat wonky decision to release four books in one year (That's right!), stay active on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, maintain a journal, really long hair, a body beset by fat demons and do justice to a gazillion other chores plus assorted preoccupations that vary in terms of worthwhileness. Besides my deep, dark fear that I write and write and write only to be seldom read and have the words sucked into a void where words go to die gets terrifyingly exacerbated when I show up in these parts. (Its not like Facebook and Twitter are much better but there is always the forlorn comfort of a lone heart lighting up your smartphone display or the occasional couple likes)  Still when you are between projects and have nothing better to do on a Sunday (How come there is nothing decent on TV anymore?) you tend to take a stab at not being a completely hopeless blogger.

Anyways, so in case you are wondering about the "Triplets" in the title allow me to elaborate. Quick on the heels of Yama's Lieutenant and the Stone Witch which was released in July, I am back with three books - KARTIKEYA: THE DESTROYER'S SON , PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN: THE EMPEROR OF HEARTS , and RANI PADMAVATI: THE BURNING QUEEN all released somewhere between the last week of November and the first week of December. Kartikeya is dedicated to The Bickersons. For those asking, that refers to my Mum and Dad who are a lovely couple given to squabbling on occasion. Prithviraj is dedicated to my husband for giving me my own weird and wonderful love story (or horror story as a witty cousin once remarked though he amended that he feels that way about marriages in general and his, in particular). Rani Padmavati is dedicated to Veda and Varna, my brave, bright and beautiful boos.

For those wondering why the three books are coming out together all I can say is that I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. If you wanna know more about the books, what prompted me to write them, my journey as an author and the rest of it, I don't have a FAQs page but please do hit one of the links above or google me up and one of the many interviews I have given on this subject over the years will pop right up! My apologies for being not just a hopeless blogger but an incurably lazy one. 
Anyways, wish me luck on the babies! Really excited about them. Kartikeya has opened to some really amazing reviews which you can check out here and here. Both said really sweet things about Kartikeya and there are a couple more wonderful reviews out there where I even got compared to C. Rajagopalachari (like him, my stories are delightful as well as informative it seems) and Arundhati Roy. Kartikeya is also rocking the bestseller lists on Amazon India. So needless to say, I am absolutely over the moon! And don't worry, I am not too high. One particularly harsh critic who had read and hated Kamadeva, read and hated Kartikeya and took the time to let me know.

Prithviraj is doing well too and has broken into the top 25 bestsellers in the historical fiction genre listed by Amazon India .

There has been a major buzz around Rani Padmavati as well thanks to a needless controversy that has has been plaguing Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnus opus for months now. I have given so many interviews and written so many articles on the subject, I am even more worn out than I was when I actually wrote the three books. I'll post it hereabouts soon!

Sure you will agree this post has meandered on long enough, so I'll just share a super cute poster which hubby designed for me and sign off!

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