Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Review to Make the Heart Hum and A Tip for Making Mahashivaratri Special!

This is what Lyn, one of the #22 best reviewers on Goodreads, had to say about my SHAKTI: The Divine Feminine :)

As a man reading this, and a Western man at that, I had to open my mind to ideas I had only a prior flirting awareness. Chandamouli has crafted this as a theological, spiritual narrative and I was reminded of Norman Mailer’s evocativeAncient Evenings, his historical fictional treatise on Egyptian mythology. Chandamouli explores Indian and Hindu myth with a fresh eye for detail and a storyteller’s talent. 

The author has researched her subject well and this novel is a wealth of information. But more than just an encyclopedia of Hindu knowledge, Chandamouli is a talented writer and makes this story come alive. Like Mailer’s Egyptian story, Chandamouli creates a historic depth for the pantheon and the reader is guided on a tour of the religion. The author tells of legends within legends and adds specificity to her design.

You can read the rest here.

Also, this MahaShivaratri (March 7th), draw closer to SHIVA with SHAKTI! Be sure to pick up a copy at one of the links below! 

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