Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Lazy Blogger

I promised myself I'll work on my blog today. But all I wanna actually do is veg out in front of the TV. As the subsequent battle of wills that raged on within me proved inconclusive, a compromise has been arrived at - I'll simply put up some of my favorite posts from my lost blog! That ought to shut up the persistent creature within me with the rod up her behind. So here it is.

I AM BACK!!! (posted on July 10th 2010)

Wow!!! Its been soooo long since I blogged. But I have been busy (kinda an understatement :) ) Got pregnant with baby number two and I must admit I freaked out a lil bit. Found myself in a constant state of panic as I wondered how exactly I was going to raise two kids and simultaneously do all the other stuff I had planned for myself (Write the best novel ever, win the Booker Prize, write a script that will have the hollywood bigwigs queing outside my home in Sivadump, win the Academy award for best screenplay, see the world, dive with the sharks, and finally get that perfect body) . Unfortunately, none of this is compatible with childbirth.

Anyways, I handled myself very well all things considering. I snapped at hubby and everyone who had the ill judgment to come within a foot of me, lost my mind temporarily when Doc informed me that she was not even going to attempt a normal delivery, spent the next few months raving about quacks who wanted to butcher you, cried at the drop of a hat, and generally drove everyone nuts with my bad behaviour. Finally, I found a way to get a grip ... STAR WORLD and Veda's PEDIASURE. The former helped me veg out and put my life on hold temporarily while the latter became my pet poison to drive the panic demons away.

I started writing in earnest as well but decided to put blogging on the back burner. By the time Varna was born I had successfully tackled my panic attacks. After the delivery, I was buried under an avalanche of mommy duties that included feeding, changing diapers, looking after the elder one,staying up nights, and keeping my act together. Star world reliable as always is still my bastion of strength and Ensure which has replaced Pediasure is the magic potion that keeps me going. And here is a tip for mommies who stay up nights - pop a DVD into the player and watch a movie. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale once kept me company while Varna struggled with sleep issues.

Anyways, Varna is almost 5 months old and Veda is going to play school. As for me, I am writing again. Women's Era ( God bless em) publishes some of my articles. Also doing some research work. And I have made my peace with the fact that it will be a while before I do the other stuff, I wanted to but I have promised myself that I'll do it eventually.

Cut to January 10, 2013
I had started work on Arjuna a few months after I got pregnant with Varna. Could not talk about it to anyone at the time because it was terrifying initially. Ted explains it best on How I Met Your Mother (Love the show!) when he talks to Robin explaining why he was procrastinating having decided to strike out on his own. He talks about his great dream of becoming an architect and the hidden fear that if he actually does something about it and fails then it would no longer be a dream but merely yet another thing he failed at. Sums up what I felt exactly. Nearly two and a half years later, I am relieved because I managed to take a teeny step in the right direction but I am still terrified because I am yet to realize my dream. 

On a less profound note, I am still far from getting the perfect body. 2012 was a great year because it was the year when I successfully lost 12 kilos. Triumph ought to be the predominant emotion right now but sheepish is how I feel at present. The damned end of the year festivities are to blame. There were too many yummy things to eat and the fat demons caught up with me adding 3 kilos to my 5'1 frame which can ill accommodate the excess baggage. Damn it!!

I wrote my first script for a director but more on that tragic story later! Good night!!

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